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 WebFoil Quick Search version 2.0
Search the web with over 80 search engines straight from the windows system tray. WebFoil Quick Search is the simplest way to search the web and because it sits in the sytem tray it's always out of your way but still easily accessible whenever you need it
Search the web easier

WebFoil Quick Search is the simplest way to search the net. Just click on the icon, select a category, enter your search words and click on a button. Searching is carried out in the background using multiple search engines simultaneously and when complete the results are sent to your web browser ready for you to view.

Always there when you need it

Because WebFoil Quick Search sits in the system tray next to the clock, it is never in your way yet it is always accessible whenever you need to use it.

Filter out unwanted results

With WebFoil Quick Search's filtering options you can automatically remove duplicate hosts, URLs or titles as well as filter out results that don't contain your search words.

Dig deeper into the web with specialized search categories

With WebFoil Quick Search's specialized search categories you can find information not found in the major search engines. According to BrightPlanet.com, a large part of the web not indexed by generic search engines called the "Deep Web" contains nearly 550 billion individual documents compared to the one billion of the surface Web. WebFoil Quick Search helps you find more relevent information by providing search categories aimed at this information gold mine. And with a powerful, purpose-built scripting language integrated with WebFoil Quick Search you can easily add your own search engines and categories with as little as a few lines of code.

Use WebFoil Quick Search to do your internet shopping

WebFoil Quick Search also makes it easy to do your shopping on-line. Just select the Shopping channel and turn WebFoil Quick Search into a shopping search engine. WebFoil Quick Search comes configured with seven shopping categories to help you find good deals covering a range of products from home furniture to computer hardware. You can even search auction sites.


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